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Solar lighting

Solar lighting

The Solar Flood Light finds extensive use in illuminating roads, gardens, courtyards, houses, parks, public spaces, industrial facilities, schools and any other buildings and areas where outdoor lighting is needed.
The Solar Flood Light requires no wiring and is powered completely by solar energy, saving both money and the environment.
Innovative design and high-quality materials. A sleek yet robust aluminium body with a transparent glass diffuser. State-of-the-art solar panel technology for high performance even in low light conditions. All components are modular and standardised.
Advanced LiFePO4 batteries are used instead of traditional gel batteries, featuring a longer service life, more power and better durability.
The motion sensor uses the principle of human body radio detection.
The Solar Flood Light has an IP66 rating (the device is dustproof and waterproof, suitable for outdoor installation and resistant to humidity, rain, snow and heavy storms).
The Solar Flood Light is easy to operate using a remote control. The Solar Flood Light offers seven light modes that activate automatically at dusk or non-stop operation.